The world today is fast-paced with constant demand to multi-task and always be doing something. Do you feel guilty when you take a little “thyme for you?” Do you rush from commitment to commitment, gobbling down food you got from a drive-through only to crash into bed at night tossing and turning with cares of the world? Do you know deep down inside there IS a better way?

That is exactly why Thyme for You exists. You deserve to live a life that’s filled with health, wellness, purpose and abundance. And we’re here to show you how. Welcome! If there is a specific topic you’d like us to cover, please drop us a note and let us know.

We believe we should live life on purpose and with purpose. In order to do that, we must remember to take time, sit still, be quiet, feed our soul, listen, hear and simply BE in the moment.

We must make smart choices about what we put onto and into the body. We must keep our thoughts positive, be kind to one another and respect ancient wisdom.

If your life needs an upgrade, you’ve come to the right place. Join us as we encourage and uplift each other and learn how to live life on purpose and with purpose.

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We can promise you the most accurate information possible based on 15 years of personal use, years of study, and a deep desire to help you confidently live a life that’s filled with wellness, purpose and abundance.